30 Most Expensive MN Lake Homes and Luxury Lakeshore Estates

What are you looking at? Maybe this kind of Minnesota real estate is out of your league. That’s OK. It’s free to look at these expensive MN lake homes. It’s sort of like the sign in Jimmy John’s that says “Free Smells.”

See the 30 most expensive lake homes for sale in Minnesota, according to the Northstar Regional MLS/IDX:

See ALL Minnesota lake homes by county.

On the other hand, these expensive MN lake homes might never be more affordable, and home mortgage rates are cheap, even for second homes. This article might has easily have been labelled “Cheap luxury Minnesota lake homes. It makes sense to buy now especially given the fact that the Great Spirit is not creating very much new Minnesota lakeshore these days, and you will crave Minnesota lakeshore more and more as you get older. Who wants to die with regrets? Not many people will say something like “I wish I bought more yuppie mansions in Eden Prairie” while lying on their deathbeds. However, you know that people will say “I sure which I had caught more fish” or “I wish that I bought one of those nice, expensive MN lake homes so I could have taken my grandchildren water skiing.

Many Expensive MN Lake Homes are Underwater

As you would have guessed, many of these expensive MN lake homes are found on the swanky shores of Lake Minnetonka in upscale communities like Orono, Wayzata, Minnetrista, and Minnetonka Beach. Also, you can bet that many of these are priced so well because the homeowner is going underwater (not lake water, either.) Short sales and foreclosures are well represented in this assortment of expensive Minnesota lake homes.

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