40 Cheapest MN Lake Cabins for Sale

outhouse for cheap mn lake cabinEveryone is looking for something cheap nowadays, and that means that they are looking for cheap MN lake cabins now more than ever. Fortunately, there are some cheap ones for sale right now, especially since this is off-season. People are entering “cheapest MN lake cabins” in record numbers, so I thought I should just dish them all of the cheapest MN lake homes up for you on one page.

Steal a MN Lake Home

Here are the least expensive ones listed on the Northstar Regional MLS. This list might not include auction properties, with a meaningless price of $1.00 on them, so I decided to exclude them, since they really could include Minnesota lakeshore properties of any price range.

See ALL Minnesota lake cabins and lakeshore by county.

Also, I threw in waterfront homes for sale on rivers and creeks. Occasionally, a mobile home or two might slip into the mix, as the above list is updated automatically. There can also be some semantic discussions about what constitutes a “cabin.” Does it have to be “rustic?” Should only seasonal properties be included in the list of cheapest MN lake cabins?

Well, I am going to leave those kinds of arguments for people who don’t have anything better to do. For now, I am defining cheap MN lake cabins as any kind of structure on any kind of lakeshore, river, creek, or other type of waterfront, except hopefully ponds and cow-sloughs.

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