Affordable Rochester MN Homes (Under 200K) for Sale. Cheap!

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Pinch yourself! You might be dreaming! Are there really that many affordable Rochester MN homes for sale under $200,000? It’s true! That’s because you can still get a lot of starter home for the money in this south central Minnesota real estate market. The deals are right here for you, all in one spot. These are all homes for sale under 200K including single family starter homes, fixer-uppers, and darn-nice ones too, replete with three car garages. Today’s mortgage interest rates make them even more affordable for you.

Cheap Rochester Minnesota Houses

For under 200K, you might be able to find a big side split with three car garage, or even a five acre farm parcel with a fixer upper house. You certainly won’t have difficulty finding a nice split entry built in the 90’s. There is also a good selection of townhomes for sale in the low 100’s.