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ice fishing near your bemidji homesDo you like cold weather? Bemidji (aka Brrrmidji) is a commercial and cultural mecca for this part of northern Minnesota, and boasts the best medical care facilities in the region, which is a good thing considering that so many kids get injured sticking their tongues out to freeze on the monkey bars in the school playground. Bemidji homes are well insulated because winter is so hard here, and alcohol consumption is a popular form of recreation, especially if you like to ice fish. Those little Bemidji homes on the ice are a perfect place for drinking “grog” and “snowshoe,” and you might even use the hours you squander in them as an excuse to catch fish. Known as the “first city of the Mississippi,” Bemidji is also known for people sending their trucks through the ice because they set up their little Bemidji homes for ice fishing too close to the open water where the Mississippi River inlet to Lake Bemidji keeps the ice from freezing up. Paul Bunyan, the local lumberjack hero or yore would be rolling in his grave and causing earthquakes if he know about this. However, I think Paul Bunyan should keep a low profile because he is responsible for removing all of the old-growth forest in this area.

Q: Do you know what Paul Bunyan would be doing right now if he were alive right now?
A: He would be scratching on the lid of his coffin!

Bemidji Homes Offer Convenience and Culture

Owners of Bemidji homes have other thing besides alcohol and frostbite to enjoy, especially considering that this is a college town and has plenty of cultural and sports venues to attend, including hockey, which is great for boxing enthusiasts. It also is a great place to enjoy broomball. I used to do that, and I can tell you that there is nothing more fun than getting black and blue shins and freezing your lungs out. Seriously, it really is fun.

Bemidji Homes Offer Quality of Life

If you like progressive poker games with snowmobiles, then Bemidji homes demand your serious attention. Also, this area boasts good educational opportunities, and the best thing about Bemidji State University is the fact that the buildings are connected by underground tunnels, thereby reducing weather related fatalities.

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