For Sale: Big Houses in Minnesota

As interest in MN luxury homes and mansions continues to grow, our sister site is seeing a large number of hits for the search term “big houses in Minnesota.” It would seem remiss to have a real estate website that ignored the demand for this sort of information, so we decided to include an idx/mls search link that would display all properties boasting at least 7000 square feet. Perhaps the word “big” is relative, but I think almost anyone would agree that 7000 fsf is a lot of house.

Big MN houses (7000+ fsf) recently listed on the IDX/MLS:

See ALL homes in Minnesota that boast more than 7000 square feet.

At the time of this post, (Feb 2, 2011) there are 171 Minnesota houses for sale that met this requirement. Average list price for homes of this magnitude is $2,381,099, at an average cost of $267.00 per square foot, although this figure is not entirely accurate because agents do not always enter adequate data when listing properties on the Northstar MLS. Not surprisingly, a large number of these big houses in Minnesota are Lake Minnetonka homes, and most of those are lakeshore properties in Orono. The largest home for sale is a luxury estate in Greenwood MN on Lake Minnetonka weighing in at a whopping 18,674 finished square feet soaking wet, and the most expensive is an estate in Garfield MN with four guest houses on about 30 acres selling for a cool $15M.

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