Bloomington MN Short Sales and Cheap Houses

If you are looking for housing in the Twin Cities, this is your golden, shining moment to buy. Prices on homes are low, selection is great, and Bloomington MN short sales listings are leading the way. The net cost of buying real estate in Bloomington is now cheaper than renting, especially when you factor the huge mortgage tax deduction and long term equity gains. Plus, the environment that you can provide if you live in a neighborhood of owner occupied property is far superior to what you will find within a high concentration of rentals.

Here are the top Bloomington MN short sales residential real estate listings that are currently available courtesy of Northstar MLS/IDX:

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Bloomington MN Short Sales Create Opportunity for First Time Home Buyers

Perhaps you missed out on that $8000 tax credit for first time buyers. Too bad. Don’t kick yourself too hard. Prices are even better, rates are even lower, and can only go one way… up! This is a house buyer’s party that won’t last forever, especially as the economy pulls out of the nose dive and the inventory of Bloomington MN short sales and other distressed property listings begins to shrink.

Bloomington MN real estate has proven itself to be great for long-term equity gains, and investors are buying up Bloomington MN short sales listings at bargain prices because they can get good return on rental investment. Bloomington MN short sales are smart buys for a number of reasons, including the fact that Bloomington has a super convenient location and is just a short drive to Downtown St Paul, Downtown Minneapolis, the MSP airport, and is the home of the Mall of America, the biggest attraction in the entire state.

Bloomington MN Homes are Affordable

Bloomington MN short sales selection is well-represented by single level rambler style homes and 1.5 stories built in the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s, with a great number of them available under $250K that are in excellent condition. If you want to buy something that needs repair, an FHA 203K Streamline mortgage home loan would be ideal for you because it would allow you to finance both the purchase, and the repairs.