Cheapest Duluth MN Homes and Real Estate

On a beer budget but have champagne taste? Some of these homes might suit you if you are looking for cheap Duluth MN homes that are actually in pretty nice condition. If you find some houses in Duluth that need a bit of “TLC” you can finance the purchase AND the repairs with an FHA 203K loan. If the listing says “great potential” you should know that this means that the house needs work, so ask your real estate agent about this wonderful purchase and rehab loan for owner occupied property.

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Here are the 30 cheapest houses for sale in Duluth, according to the Northstar Regional MLS:

See ALL homes in Duluth Minnesota that are listed on the Northstar Regional MLS system (lowest to highest). Note: Prices and availability are subject to change without notice. Also, there may be other Duluth properties that are not included in the broker reciprocity agreement and are not listed here. Call for more complete information. on these or any other houses in Duluth for sale. It is a good idea to call regarding availability before you drive up to Duluth.

Duluth Real Estate Market is Perfect for “Bottom Feeding” Buyers

vbedroom in cheap homeIt seems like there are always some cheap homes in Duluth that are available, but if you haven’t purchased already, don’t kick yourself, because pricing has gotten even better for you.  However, this is not the time to “sit on your hands.”  Rates are low, and first-time buyers are thinking “Spring” and are out shopping for cheap Duluth MN homes.  Local and out-of-state investors are also snapping up cheap properties for good rental return and profits on future value.  They don’t want to make the classic investor’s mistake of waiting till house prices go back up. Prices and mortgage interest rates could hardly get lower than they are right now.  Even Donald Trump is telling us to buy.  Perhaps I should give “The Donald” a call and tell him all about these fantastic deals on cheap Duluth Minnesota homes.


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