Detached Townhomes in Apple Valley, MN

See MORE Apple Valley MN detached townhomes for sale (IF AVAILABLE)

OK, so there aren’t just that many detached townhomes in Apple Valley, MN for sale at any given time. Why? There are a lot of aging baby boomers out there who want the townhouse lifestyle but want the “feel” of a single family house. Also, they all have bad knees and backs, and don’t want to rake the yard or shovel the snow anymore, so the Apple Valley detached townhouse option looks rather appealing. Also, there aren’t that many for sale because the turnover is so low. You can bet that the only way many of these townhouse owners will leave their homes is “feet first!”

The good news is that you are probably only going to buy just one anyway, and some of these are absolutely gorgeous charmers, like the craftsman-style detached townhomes in Cobblestone Lake. There are also some nice ones that were built in the mid eighties on Emerald Way.