Detached Townhomes in Lakeville MN (Patio Homes)

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These patio homes look like single family homes, don’t they? Well, they are and they aren’t. Buy one of these beauties and you can enjoy all the privacy benefits of owning your own single family home without the outside maintenance work. These are detached Lakeville MN townhomes, and if you own one, you can put your snowblower and lawnmower up for sale on Craigslist. These are great alternatives for people who are at the point where they want to simply their lifestyles, but don’t want to give up the “feel” of a single family house. Detached Lakeville MN townhomes are in limited supply, and they are feeling the demand from the 55+ crowd, but are also popular with folks of all ages who are just too busy to take care of a single family home.

Options for Detached Townhouses in Lakeville

Stoneborough has some rambler-style townhomes for sale that are newly built and ready for you to move right in (at the time of this writing.) Many detached townhomes are all-one-level with no stairs, or perhaps just one step up from the garage entrance. Some of them have walkout basements. Most of them are brand new or newer, as the popularity of these types of properties has recently surged.

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