30 Most Expensive Duluth Luxury Homes for Sale

Explore 30 of the most expensive Duluth luxury homes and mansions for sale:

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Duluth Luxury Homes and Mansions for Sale

Duluth, Minnesota is a community that retains its sense of history, and expensive Duluth luxury homes and mansions do an excellent job of showcasing reminders of days gone by. Of course, the most notable ones will be those mansions and elegant homes on Lake Superior, especially those on London Road that frequently include about 175 feet of Lake Superior lakeshore. Hawthorne Road is also a great place to look for Duluth MN mansions and luxury homes; some of these properties boast over 8000 finished square feet,
If you are looking for an historic Hawthorne Road mansion with over 8000 square feet of living space, five or six bedrooms, and luxury master suites that offer stunning views of Lake Superior. The Congdon mansion is not the only architectural masterpiece; there is no reason why you cannot have your own awesome Lake Superior mansion.

If you don’t need a big single family Duluth luxury home, a Park Point luxury townhome by Stanious Johnson might be just right for you.

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Just remember… you can’t take it with you any more than Elizabeth Congdon could, so why not the inheritance money into some nice luxury Duluth property that will really give your kids something to fight about when you are gone.

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