30 Most Expensive Homes on Lake Minnetonka

Here are the thirty most expensive homes on Lake Minnetonka, courtesy of the Northstar MLS/IDX:

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expensive lakeshore mansion estateNow, there’s a headline that is sure to bring out all of the looky-lou’s and tire kickers. Nothing wrong with that.

Even if you can’t afford one of these expensive homes on Lake Minneonka. Now if you just want to Oooh and Awwwe over these homes, you will have to bring some kind of letter or statement from the bank that says who you are and that you have the capability to perform on a purchase of one of these expensive homes on Lake Minnetonka. Sorry, but that is what the sellers will want. Most of these homeowners do not want unapproved or unqualified buyers look inside their homes, and I guess you can’t blame them for that.

Gawking at Expensive Homes on Lake Minnetonka

Hey, I do it. In fact, people still find this site by Googling the term “53 million dollar Orono home on Brackett’s Point,” even though the prices has been cut in half. Even at the current price of a mere $24M, this 13 acre estate with 244 feet of prime Minnesota lakeshore with commanding views of Lake Minnetonka, is still one of the most expensive homes in Minnesota for sale, if not the most. Even if it doesn’t sell, it still is bringing a lot of attention to some of the less expensive homes on Lake Minnetonka.

Many of the expensive homes on Lake Minnetonka have significantly dropped in price, thanks to foreclosures and short sales situations. Although the neighbors don’t like to talk about it, there certainly is a fair selection of foreclosed expensive lake homes in the area that are great bargains right now.

Call us for information on foreclosed lake properties, Minnetonka mansions, and Orono lakeshore estates for sale. We will give you resale histories and any other information you might need to determine that you are finding the best value possible.

*Real estate photography courtesy of ReeseImaging.com

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