The 24 Most Expensive Luxury Saint Paul Homes and Mansions

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This is a city that is rich with history that includes gangsters, corruption, bootleg, and secret speakeasies in caves. Vintage Saint Paul luxury homes and mansions have captured this sense of history and m0st of them have been restored to perfection, especially the grand, dignified luxury estate homes on Summit Avenue, a stretch of opulence and magnificent architecture that extends from the Saint Paul Cathedral all the way down to the Mississippi River. This was home to the great luminaries, legends, and magnates that were not shy about spending money to create giant St. Paul luxury homes that could showcase their wealth and sense of style and class.

Expensive Saint Paul Luxury Homes Showcase History

Most of these houses have large lots, considering that they were built in the middle of the city. Many of these Saint Paul Minnesota mansions were built in the style of Victorian, Queen Anne, or Georgian Colonial. You can even find red granite houses on Crocus Hill, and mansions appointed with carriage houses, greenhouses, hand-carved marble fireplaces, and houses with over 10,000 square feet of living space.

The above list of Saint Paul expensive homes will frequently include contemporary styles, and executive penthouses overlooking the Mississippi River.

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