Foreclosed Alexandria MN Lake Homes and Cabins

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As you can see, there is not much left in the way of Alexandria MN lakeshore foreclosure listings. We tried to warn you, but noooo… you had to buy that stupid Cadillac Escalade with the mother-of-pearl paint job that looks like an SUV for p*ssies, along with decorative plastic mud decals so you can look like you are out toolin’ around in the rough. A rhinestone cowboy in a Minnesota jack-pine forest! Well, it takes all kinds. That’s OK. We love ya anyway. Last year you didn’t buy a foreclosed Alexandria MN lakeshore property because you needed to buy bedroom drapes that would match your wife’s fuzzy bunny slippers or something.

Hey, it’s OK. We all make mistakes, and we all deserve another chance. Unfortunately, you might not get one if you don’t see any listings above, because they are probably all GONE.

If that is the case, try browsing ALL types of Alexandria MN lakeshore listings.

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