12 Cheap, Foreclosed Bloomington Minnesota Homes

Here are twelve cheap, foreclosed Bloomington MN homes offered by the local MLS/IDX provider:

Availability of these foreclosed Bloomington Minnesota homes / bank-owned houses is subject to change without any notice, so please call before driving to see these homes.

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stock photo bloomington foreclosed homesThis is the fourth largest city in the state, so the selection of Bloomington real estate is broad, and of particular note is the especially large selection of foreclosed Bloomington Minnesota homes that helped lead the way to overall low prices on Bloomington real estate. However, rates could hardly ever go lower, and it seems that the only direction that prices could go is up as the economy recovers and distressed inventory of MLS listings decreases. In other words, these foreclosed Bloomington MN homes are an excellent place to get a foothold in the Twin Cities real estate market and to own your first home. Many first-time home owners are exploring the market for investment properties and thinking of getting their start as property investors because the rental return on these homes is excellent. Bloomington MN real estate is a great long-term investment, and if you buy some at today’s prices, it will make an excellent long term investment. Don’t dawdle and make the common mistake of waiting until prices go up. Please note that a bell will NOT ring when the market hits bottom so don’t hold your breath for prices to go lower. Follow the above search link and see just how many foreclosed Bloomington MN homes are for sale under 150K!