Foreclosed Minnesota Million Dollar Homes

Foreclosed Minnesota luxury homes are here.  Here are some MN mansions for cheap.  Ok, so you won’t get them for a song, but you will save tens of thousands of dollars, perhaps even millions of dollars on these swank homes. You may be  a millionaire, but you didn’t get that way by being stupid with your money. You know you are a cheapskate at heart.

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Foreclosed Minnesota Luxury Homes and Mansions

Do you like champagne?  Do you have  Shipwrecked 1907 Heidsieck tastes but Cristal Brut 1990 “Methuselah”  budget?  This page is for you.  You probably made your fortune by taking advantage of other people’s bad decisions, so you might as well do it when you buy that upscale home on Lake Minnetonka, a golf course home in a gated community in Eden Prairie called Bearpath, or maybe that horse ranch in Minnetrista that you have always dreamed about.  Maybe you would like a home in an upscale Twin Cities suburb with an eight car heated garage, an indoor basketball court, a nanny’s quarters, a guest house, and a keeping room?  Maybe you need a luxury estate that reflects your great accomplishments in your successful life, but now you can use your next house to overstate them a little bit.  Why not?  Size really does matter, so now you can really overcompensate in a grand way.

Shed your penurious house that you are living in now because it is an embarrassment to you and your family.  Live big, dream big think big, and spend big, but don’t spend as much money as what people will think you did.  Of course appearances are important to you, but so is the quality of your life, so give your family everything you can by buying them a foreclosed Minnesota mansion.  Also, you might be able to get an upscale luxury estate with a guest house on it so you can keep a little space between yourself and your visiting in-laws who never really thought you would amount to anything anyway.  Good living is the best revenge, and buying a Minnesota million dollar home  is an opportunity for you to really rub it in.  Have some money left over to buy some nice Italian statuary display so you can really drive the point home.

This is your best chance to upgrade to the house you deserve, and this is your chance to do it.  These are bank-owned homes and you can bet your  fortune that these banks who own these  MN luxury properties would just love to see your offer some across their desks.  They want to get this inventory off of their books.  If they don’t, someone’s head is going to roll.