Four Bedroom Eden Prairie Homes for Sale

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This is a great time to shop for Eden Prairie four bedroom homes for sale, especially considering wide inventory selection, today’s low interest rates, and the fact that prices have been creeping up. You picked a smart time to start looking four 4+ BR homes, and if you can find a home with at least four bedrooms on the same level, you have a chance to make an especially smart buy. That’s because that kind of floor plan has strong resale value, and is always in demand by families with children.

Check out luxury four bedroom plus houses in The Woods in Riley Creek, that feature four car garages and five bedrooms, all on lots over half an acre. If you are looking for executive properties, you should also tour properties built by the redoubtable Charles Cudd, or custom properties by Norton Homes in the Enclave. If you really want to go “whole hog,” check out properties in Bearpath gated community or new properties in Bellerieve.