Homes on Island Lake, MN Itasca County

Island Lake depth map. (DNR)

tackle for fishing in island lake mnBoats… family… noodle salad! That’s what your grandkids will remember you by if you purchase a home on Island Lake in Itasca County, Minnesota. More importantly, they will remember tasty walleye, feisty northern pike, killer bass, and all of the nummy sunnies and crappies that are so easy to catch. Make memories.. not regrets! Purchase a home on Island Lake, and they will have something worthwhile to fight over when you are dead!

Their parents shouldn’t have much problem finding your lake cabin. Island Lake is a whopping 3,000 acre lake, so you could hardly miss it. It’s just 38 miles northeast of Bemidji or about 62 miles northwest of Grand Rapids. Of course, you are smart enough to live in this hunk of paradise all year round.

Finding Homes on Island Lake, MN Itasca County

Here are some Itasca County lake homes listed on the IDX/MLS:

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Note: Homes on Island Lake are in limited supply, so if one is available, you better jump all over it like a chicken on a junebug. Call us, if you don’t see one on the above link, and we will find one for you.