Lake Minnetonka Homes in Wayzata, MN

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Live in the lap of luxury and listen to the waves of Lake Minnetonka lapping at your Wayzata Minnetonka lakeshore that stretches at least a few hundred feet. People boating by will always slow down to look at a French Country style Lake Minnetonka luxury real estate listing and wish they had about 6M to buy it. You, meanwhile, are leisurely sipping on your Pernod-Ricard Perrier-Jouet ($50,000 per bottle) and dryly joking about wondering what the poor people are doing today. And why not? You have reached the pinnacle of success, and your lake property proves it to the world. Besides, you needed a place to display your Italian statuary.

If Pernod-Ricard Perrier-Jouet seems a bit extravagant, try drinking Methuselah ($17,625 per bottle) while luxuriating in restful repose on the beach of your Wayzata Lake Minnetonka home created by Harrison Fraker (you do know who Harrison Fraker is, don’t you?) that looks like a modern sculpture morphing into various assortments of geometric forms and shapes…er…. maybe that’s the champagne talking. Never mind. Anyway, it looks pretty cool, especially considering the premium location on a point between Brown’s Bay and Wayzata Bay.

Affordable Luxury Lake Minnetonka Homes in Wayzata

Are you on a budget? for 5.9M, you might find a suitable abode in the form of a Wazyata home on Lake Minnetonka on Harrison Point, which only proves my point that you do not need to be a Rockefeller or a Hilton to live here.