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News flash: The walleye hunger strike is over. National news reports of the walleye hunger strike may have discouraged some would-be Lake Minnetonka home buyers. As you may already know, walleyes organized a hunger strike about two years ago to protest high gas prices. Higher gas price were discouraging many Twin Cities fishermen from making their long treks to their favorite fishing spots up north every weekend. “Increased gas prices have filled our lake with lots of shiny things with dangerous hooks on them,” says Edmond (‘the Fin’) O’Rourke, president of WUTUP (Walleyes United to Unleash Power.) “We own Lake Minnetonka homes too, and we don’t want to see any more cases of hook-in-mouth disease in our community. We haven’t had this much trouble since the introduction of the weedless treble hook. Also, there are so many new lures out there that the teachers of our schools are not equipped to teach walleye fingerlings about all of the new hazards.”

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However, the strike was broken when the MN Department of Natural Resources stocked the lake with “scab walleyes” and gas prices eased up a bit. Also, many members of WUTUP broke ranks when they discovered that the fishermen from the Twin Cities were using nice, tasty, big fat black leeches from Kirby’s.

If you live in Minneapolis, and you think about living in a MN lake home on “big water” you think about Lake Minnetonka homes. Ironically, Lake Minnetonka is an Ojibwe word that means “big water” In fact if you are thinking about selling your Minneapolis home, and checking out Lake Minnetonka homes,” this is a good time to do it. Think “Big savings!” The inventory of Lake Minnetonka homes is bountiful, and the prices are great. Minneapolis real estate prices are low, but so are those of luxury homes on this huge body of water. With about 200 miles of lakeshore loaded with points and bays, you should never have too much trouble finding a Lake Minnetonka home that is just right for you. This is the premier recreation lake for the greater Minneapolis area. It’s the perfect place for water skiing, yachting, ice fishing, and in fact, just about everything you can think of. We even get calls from around the country from people who are interested in Lake Minnetonka homes because they need a good place to land their float planes.

Lake Minnetonka homes offer great fishing right from the dock; game fish here include walleyes, bluegill sunfish, pumpkinseed sunfish, and muskies so big that you will need to bring a large-bore gun with you in the event that you manage to get it into the boat.

Lake Minnetonka Homes for Sale

At any given time there are about 200-400 Lake Minnetonka homes and townhomes for sale. Most of them are under $15M, and a few dozen are under $1M. If you are looking for the best new construction available in the Twin Cities, you should check out homes by McNulty, Stonewood, Keith Waters, and Weathers Construction. Super luxury Minnetonka lake homes and estates can be found in Deephaven, Greenwood, and, most notably, Brackett’s Point in Orono. Looking for something affordable and care-free? Ask us about lakefront condos for sale in Excelsior, Wayzata, Spring Lake Park, and Mound, MN.

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