Lake Superior Cabins: Grand Marais MN Lake Homes

black  bear on grand marais lakeshore

Blackie the Bear says "Yum! Yum!"

Live at the gateway to the fabled Gunflint Trail, whose legends are overshadowed only by the big fish stories told around its lakeshore campfires. Buy one of these Lake Superior cabins in Grand Marais, or homes on any of the other sparkling lakes up here, and you might not have to make up stories…you might have a few real stories of your own. All of the props you need for a good story are here; there are bears, deer, moose, beavers, porcupines, eagles, fish, wolves,  and plenty of noises coming from the woods at night so you ought to be able to come up with some interesting tale to tell. Gunflint Trail is 57 miles long and extends all the way up to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area at Sagana Lake, meaning there is lots of wilderness where something can happen to you that you can tell everyone about if you survive.

You Can’t Download the Gunflint Trail

Get out of your cubicle and escape the concrete jungle of the Twin Cities for relaxation and restful repose in one of these charming Lake Superior cabins in Grand Marais. The thumbnails of cabins below also depict Grand Marais lake homes on other bodies of water by Superior. If you are a bit more adventuresome, drive up to one of the more remote lakes along the Gunflint trail and you can buy some prime Minnesota lakeshore there as well. Your job is sucking your soul out of you, and you don’t have a nice northern Minnesota vacation home in  to look forward to…small wonder you are looking at naughty sites on the web or playing solitaire when your boss isn’t looking. It is a good thing you found this page about Lake Superior cabins so you have something else to fantasize about. Dream about bears, beer, and boats instead.

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OK, now quit dreaming and call us about one of these lake homes in Grand Marais that you want to see. You really can share a wild blueberry patch with a big black bear or get lost in the woods here. You are going to love it up here and all of your wild animal friends are waiting for you to come up here to buy a Lake Superior cabin in Grand Marais or a nice Minnesota lake home on one of the other fine  lakes in this area.

Home mortgage loan interest rates are low, so maybe you can buy one of these Lake Superior cabins by refinancing.  Better yet, you can just sell your home in the Twin Cities and live here year round.