Lake Superior Cabins on Silver Bay, MN

lake superior lakeshore property

Well, you probably won’t find a shrine to Minnesota Judge Miles Lord anywhere in Silver Bay after he decided that putting asbestos-laden taconite tailings into this nice big freshwater lake isn’t a very good idea, but you may find a shrine to the Whitefish in one of those cute, cozy little Lake Superior Cabins on Silver Bay in Minnesota. Now, I realize that this is not supposed to be a religious blog, but if you stop by Kendall’s along Highway 61 on the way up from Duluth to buy one of those smoked Whitefish, you will have to decide for yourself if there is anything sacramental about eating one of them.

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Don’t you just wish you owned one of these Lake Superior Cabins on Silver Bay, especially when you see a full moon in the southern sky illuminating the entire lake on a clear night? They don’t call this Silver Bay for naught, you know. These MN lakeshore properties aren’t very far from where you are right now… about an hour north of Duluth and about three and a half from that shoebox of a Minneapolis home of yours. Why don’t you call us so you can sell it and buy one of these nice lake cabins?