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could be your sea plane on leech lake

Leech Lake is a great place for docking your float plane!

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If you can act decisively right now, you can grab some prime Leech Lake lakeshore, homes, and cabins on one of the top walleye fisheries in the state. Leech Lake in Cass County MN is surrounded by almost 200 miles of prime, sandy Minnesota lakeshore and contains 112,000 acres of sparkling clear water teeming with walleyes and some other nice predatory fish, including some monster muskies that take two people to haul into the boat. This is the third largest lake in the state, and is famous for trophy sized muskies and walleyes. Foraging conditions are ideal for both species, plus a few other predatory fish. Because of this, Leech Lake lakeshore is popular with buyers who are looking for summer cabins in Minnesota. The sheer enormity of this lake makes it a preferred place for sailing. This is the perfect place for all water sports, including water skiing, sailing, ice fishing, and is an ideal place for landing your float plane. It also contains spots that are suitable for building a hangar for your seaplane close to the water.

Pristine Leech Lake Lakeshore

Another big selling point of Leech Lake lakeshore is the fact that over 65% of it is government owned, and lakefront views are predominantly natural in character. Compared to some of the Minnesota lakes further to the south that look like oceanfront scenes of the invasion in Saving Private Ryan every weekend, Leech Lake is always the epitome of peace and tranquility.

Buying Leech Lake Real Estate

Selection of  Cass County MN lakeshore property on Leech Lake is diverse, and the selection is wide, which is what you would expect on any body of water that has almost 200 miles of lakeshore along countless numbers of bays, coves, inlets, and points. Lakeshore lots are available on the north and south sides, and the size of the lake means that ones on the north end are a bit cheaper because the drive to Minneapolis is longer. Build-able lots are available on the south end for a bit over 3K per lot foot, and Leech Lake lots on the north end can be frequently purchased for 1-2K per lot foot.

Lakefront Homes and Cabins

Leech Lake homes and selection includes everything from seasonal MN lake cabins to Chase on the Lake waterfront condos in Walker to a gated Leech Lake community of luxury log homes called Forest Royale. Upper end new homes on Leech Lake are being constructed by such notable builders as Anderson Log Homes, Norson, Spitzak, and Kuepers. Because there are so many Leech Lake real estate options available to you, it can be hard to know where to begin. Call us before you start your search, and we can help you locate the best bargains and the best quality.

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