Minneapolis Real Estate: Linden Hills Homes

bandshell in linden hills

Harriet Bandshell, South Minneapolis

Linden Hills homes enjoy one of the nicest locations in Minneapolis.. lakes, trees, quaint restaurants, and charming old-world architecture is all here. This was a cottage area that was built up by the wealthy class of Minneapolis, and Linden Hills homes still enjoy a brand-name recognition that is synonymous with fine Minneapolis real estate. This is a quality neighborhood that showcases architectural styles like arts and crafts, tudor, Mediterranean style, and center-hall colonial, to name a few.

Outdoor nuts like this area, and Linden Hills homes are just right for you if you like to sail, cross country ski, bike, rollerblade, or even fish for bass. There are incredible recreational trails that follow the tree lined lakeshores and parkways. In fact, many suburbanites are bored with their suburban neighborhoods and drive up to this part of Minneapolis to enjoy a fifty mile bike circuit called Grand Rounds National that follows the whole chain of Minneapolis lakes and parkways.

If you like to bike, roller blade, jog, or even cross-country ski, then you will enjoy the tree lined recreational trails that surround the lakes and follow the parkways. You might even want to follow onto the Grand Rounds National Scenic Byway that makes a 50 mile circuit around the entire chain of lakes and parkways. Linden Hills homes boast an ideal location between Lake Calhoun and Lake Harriet.

Are you active Minnesotan that needs an active lifestyle? Then Linden Hills homes in Minneapolis might be “right up your alley.” Check out this unique Southwest Minneapolis neighborhood that enjoys an ideal location between the West side of Lake Harriet and the South end of Lake Calhoun.

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