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Why do people purchase Minnesota houses? Why would you buy a house in our fair state? Because we are “Minnesota nice!” And because you will hardly ever see a lutefisk any more! And because of the natural beauty and resources! (And because Minnesotans will let you get away with starting a sentence with a conjunction!) We know our state as the “Land of 10,000 Lakes,”but it is a poorly kept secret that we have many more than that. Cast a fishing line in almost any direction from where you are standing, and you will probably hit water. Best of all, the water will probably contain big, hungry, gullible fish. That “10,000 lakes” figure certainly doesn’t include the thousands of those “potholes,” or smaller bodies of water that dot the forests and border all of those DNR fire roads. Drive your pickup down one of those roads and you will probably find a few potholes that are perfect for duck hunting. Hunting and fishing are two good reasons for purchasing Minnesota houses.

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Minnesota Houses are for Outdoor Enthusiasts

If you buy any of the Minnesota houses for sale on Minnesota MLS system, chances are good that you will be living near a body of water.Check out real estate in almost any area of the state, and you will find MN homes on lakes, rivers, or creeks.

Minnesota Houses with Lakeshore

A quick glance at the Minnesota MLS will tell you that MN homes with lakeshore can be found just about anywhere in the state. Many of these lakes are fully recreational lakes with opportunities for swimming, fishing, jet-skiing, fishing, and water skiing. Waters abound with northern pike, largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, panfish, and you might even encounter the fabled and celebrated muskie. And of course, there are walleye, which fishermen both worship and tell lies about. There is even good fishing right in Minneapolis.

Minnesota Has All Four Seasons

Minnesotan’s winter toys include skis, snowmobiles, snowboards, and even dogsleds. MN homes and garages are stuffed to the rafters with them. By the way, you may wish to consider investing in a house with a triple or quadruple garage so you have room for that boat you always wanted. Many Minnesota houses for sale sport triple garages, and they are becoming the norm for new construction. Minnesotans love garages, and they are an important resale factor for Minnesota houses. The outdoor recreational opportunities alone make Minnesota a logical choice for homebuyers with an active lifestyle. The cross country ski trails are some of the finest in the nation. The state maintains about 17000 miles of snowmobile trails. Ice fishing is a low-tech sport and tradition in Minnesota and offers great opportunities to drink various mixtures of shnapps and brandy. You may want to try “grogg” or “snowshoe” or maybe even “glogg!” You may even want to try to catch some fish while you are out there! If you don’t, it’s OK. Those little Minnesota houses sitting out in the middle of a lake are toasty! No one will bother you. Leave your cell phone at home! Minnesotans are used to sitting out on a frozen lake listening to the ice crack as cars drive by. Many small-town civic organizations raise money by leaving a car on the ice so donors can wager on what day the car will fall through in early spring (the car has a chain connected to it of course, so it can be pulled out of the water later.) If you like to run around on the ice, small town broomball teams abound, and of you want to get winded and freeze your lungs out, this is the sport for you. You will be bruised black and blue, but it is fun! Certainly the outdoor life is a major reason for considering Minnesota houses for sale.

Summertime Fun

What about the summer? Well, Minnesota has over 450 golf courses, and owners of Minneapolis Minnesota houses enjoy the “lion’s share,” so you should be able to get a tee-time somewhere. Chances are, purchasing any of the MN homes for sales will put you in close proximity to a golf course. In fact, Minneapolis has more golf courses per capital than anywhere in the midwest. Minnesota houses on golf courses are available, including some swanky ones in an Eden Prairie gated community called Bearpath. Camping offers respite from daily life, and you can almost completely escape civilization with a canoe trip through the BWCA. If you are not fishing, golfing, swimming, bird watching, or biking, you will probably be playing softball. During summer months, suburbanites drive from yuppie suburban MN houses into Minneapolis on evenings and weekends to enjoy biking and jogging around miles of lakes, creekside, and riverfront trails along green and leafy parkways. If you want to get the most out of summer you should seriously consider Minneapolis MN homes. As much as we hate to admit it, we have to face up to the reality of going to work and making a living. However, Minnesota is the home of 19 Fortune 500 companies and Minneapolis boasts a vibrant economy. If you relocate and purchase one of these MN homes, you can expect a great place to live, work, and play. For six consecutive years, Morgan Quinto Press ranked Minnesota the “most livable state.” Minnesota’s employment situation improved in October 2006 with a net gain of 3,300 jobs. The local economy helps to protect the property value of Minnesota Houses.

Consider Minneapolis MN Homes if You Want an Active Lifestyle

Frommers has named Minneapolis one of its top ten travel destinations. Known as the “City of Lakes,” Minneapolis was cited for its gorgeous layout of parks and parkways, its numerous cultural attractions, and its avante-garde architectural marvels, including the new Guthrie Theater designed by Jean Nouvel. This unusal building enjoys views of St. Anthony Falls, and is attracting more shops and restaurants to the area. Other structures of note include the Walker Art Center, and the very strange looking Weisman Art Museum at the University of Minnesota. Minneapolis MN homes also flaunt interesting architectural styles. Although the winters are a little chilly, seasonal weather brings many bicyclists and joggers to the chain of lakes that winds through the city. This is a great place to live, too! If you are searching for Minneapolis MN homes, you should know that Minneapolis bungalows, tudors, foursquare/mission style homes, condo conversions, and downtown lofts are hot items right now. Suburbanites are moving BACK to Minneapolis to enjoy the city’s character accented by tree-lined streets, parks, walkways, lakes, restored Minneapolis MN homes with historic character, clean streets, and a vibrant, diverse economy. MN homes enjoy very safe neighborhoods. Minneapolis was named #1 National Night Out City of 2005, a community event focusing on drug and crime prevention, for the fourth time in the last five years! Minneapolis cares about pollution and air quality, and their Air Quality Index, updated hourly, consistently receives the highest rating. The University of Minnesota provides job opportunities , tuition aid, and boasts excellent hospitals as well as outstanding educational opportunities.

Good Reasons for Purchasing Minneapolis MN Homes

Did you know that….

  • According to Men’s Health magazine, Minneapolis gets an A+ in health, a B+ in the quality of life, a B in fitness, and an A overall. The magazine also says the owners of Minneapolis ?MN homes have the healthiest hearts.
  • The Environmental Protection Agency ranked downtown Minneapolis first out of of 17 business districts in the nation as the “Best Workplaces for Commuters” in 2005. Minneapolis MN homes enjoy convenient locations served by several freeway routes.
  • In a study called “America’s Most Literate Cities,”Central Connecticut State University ranked Minneapolis number 2!
  • Minneapolis MN is home to thirty live theaters! The Twin Cities is 2nd only to NYC in arts activities per capita.
  • The downtown area has over 2,000,000 square feet of retail. This is one of the highest concentrations of retail for a city of this size.
  • There are over 950 lakes in Minneapolis and surrounding metropolitan area alone.
  • The average drive time to work from Minneapolis MN homes is 21.1 minutes. This is the nation’s lowest for a city of this size!

Culture and the Arts

The Minneapolis Institute of the Arts is open daily, located very close to many Minneapolis homes, and admission is free! Walker Art Center offers plays, films, and visual art of many media, including their famous Sculpture Garden on 15 acres of lush fields. Minneapolis MN homes are located near excellent nightspots in the city that offers some of the best jazz music in the country and the world-renowned Minnesota Orchestra . Minneapolis has a very active public library and their events are a great way to meet your new neighbors! Minneapolis homes are located in a very exciting city with lots of things to do, yet still is safe enough and friendly enough to want to call Minneapolis “home!”

It’s a “No Brainer!”

Did you know Minnesota home ownership rate one of the highest in the nation?? Perhaps it’s because investing in property in a state that enjoys a national reputation for a high quality of life just makes financial sense. The outstanding quality of life means that property values of MN homes will be protected and supported. If you take a look at the resale history of MN homes over the last 50 years, prices have increased a whopping average of 5% per year. Every market is different, but Minnesota real estate is one of the best long-term investments you can make. Is the market for MN homes good or bad right now? Well, no housing market is “good” or “bad;” it’s all relative to what you are trying to accomplish. If you are planning to purchase property, there might not be a better time. Rates are low and the inventory is large. Banks are starting to become easier to deal with if you are looking at bank owned properties. Lender mediated property listings are being handled by the lenders in a more efficient manner. This may be the best buying opportunity you will see in a lifetime. Contact me for more specific information about the real estate market in Minnesota.

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