New Listings: MN Cabins on Lakeshore under 500K

Perhaps you have been dreaming of owning your own serene piece of Minnesota lakeshore but just don’t seem to get around to it. Maybe you think you have too many things to do this weekend, the lawn needs mowing, the kids want to go somewhere etc, etc. You really want a MN cabin but just seems like there is always something else that needs to be done, it just seems like too much effort, etc etc. You have good intentions, but undoubtedly you have heard the old adage “The road to Hell is paved with good intentions.” In this case, Hell for you could be locked out of purchasing your dream Minnesota lake property in the future. The fact is, you can start looking for some great lakeshore deals on this site right now, so it is really not that hard. We can provide you with detailed market information and resale data for Minnesota waterfront communities so you will have plenty of good information upon which to make a good decision.

Here are some Minnesota lake cabin listings priced under 500K that were listed in the last 3 days:

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Reasons for Buying MN Cabins with Lakeshore Right Now

1. Good Selection of MN Cabins

Inventory is high right now, as the economic downturn has hit all segments of the MN real estate market. This means that prices are slanted in favor of the MN lake homes buyer right now. There is a good supply of MN lakeshore foreclosures and Minnesota cabins that are potential short sale listings, and those properties in particular are priced to sell. If you are contemplating purchasing a MN lake cabin. Foreclosure opportunities run the gamut of everything from luxury Lake Minnetonka homes to rustic MN cabins in Cass County.

Don’t expect this window of opportunity to stay open forever. As the inventory of distressed Minnesota lakeshore real estate listings begins to dwindle, you can expect that prices will go up and selection will become increasingly limited. The value of Minnesota lake shore holds its value well over the long term, so we know that prices have to go up.

2. The Demand for MN Cabins Will Increase

Historically, baby boomers have been active buyers for Minnesota lakeshore. Baby boomers own about 57% of all Minnesota vacation properties and seasonal Minnesota cabins. About 13% of that group own two or more properties and many of them are actively acquiring more.

There are about nine million baby boomers that are currently working but will retire within the next ten years. Few demographers or REALTORS doubt that they will be wanting to invest in MN cabins, vacation homes, and lakeshore real estate. This means an increase in demand.

3. Mortgage Interest Rates are Low

This reason is self explanatory. Few rational economists will argue that interest rates will not go up, especially considering the country’s heavy deficit spending.

4. Running Out of Lakeshore

This one is sort of a “no-brainer.” God isn’t making very much new lake shore these days. There won’t be too many places left to build new Minnesota cabins with lake shore.

5. Increasing Environmental Restrictions for New MN Cabins

While few could argue that it is a good idea to protect the natural beauty of Minnesota lakeshore and the quality of the water. After all, we all like to fish. But increasing regulations that affect new construction costs, especially when close to lakes means that prices w for MN cabins ill inevitably go up.

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