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Don’t despair!  It’s not to late to buy some choice MN lake cabins. OK, it is true that summer is half over already, and there you are in your boring suburban neighborhood with all of the neighbors frowning at you because your boat is sitting on the north side of the house and tall weeds are growing up around it. Say…doesn’t the city code say that you should park that boat on a paved surface or a graveled one at the very least?

Most recent IDX-listed Minnesota lakeshore properties for sale:

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Before your nosy neighbors call the police and you get a citation, check out the handy link above to see the best MN lake cabins currently available on the Minnesota MLS/IDX system. If you do it soon enough, you can avoid putting in a concrete or blacktop apron off of your driveway. Buy a lakeshore home, and you will save thousands of dollars in gas and hundreds of hours hauling that boat around. Better yet, buy a Minnesota home with lakeshore that is suitable for year round living, and you will spare yourself the weekend commute.

Lakes, Information and Lies as Told by Owners of MN Lake Cabins. Grouped by County.

A few of these stories might not be exactly true, but see if you can find “deeper truths” within them!

Aitkin County Lakeshore

See all Aitkin County MN lakeshore listings right now!

buy mn lake cabins and you will need tackleThe biggest lake in Aitkin county is Lake Mille Lacs, and the biggest liars about this lake are the Twin Cities media pundits. Even grade schoolers know that fish populations follow cycles. Apparently, the local media does not. Right now, walleye populations are on the low end of the cycle, but some professional alarmists hurt the tourist and real estate industry here by ringing the death-knell for walleye fishing. Even the Mille Lacs bait shops are hurting1  They even said that the lake is “unmanageable,” which is laughable because this lake has been the premiere Minnesota walleye lake for decades.

If you want to buy Atkin County MN lake cabins, this is the time to do it. Prices of Aitkin County lake homes are low right now, and there are a number of good foreclosure bargains on waterfront here right now. Farm Island Lake and Big Sandy also have some excellent deals on MN lake cabins right now.

Anoka County Minnesota Lake Homes

Anoka County lakeshore listings. The fishing is good and you don’t have to drive very far from your Minneapolis MN home to get there on the weekends. In fact, you can probably commute easily on weekday evenings to your Anoka MN lake cabin to catch some nice fish. There is an old guy with a bamboo fishing pole who takes his Schwinn ten-speed up here from Minneapolis every evening to fish for sunnies. MN lake cabins in Anoka are closer than you think.

Display all Anoka County MN lake homes here!

Becker County – Detroit Lakes Area

Babe the Blue Ox made plenty of kettle lakes when she stomped around here, contrary to popular belief that they were created by the Wisconsin Glaciation. This is by far one of the hottest vacation areas, so MN lake cabins are popular items around here.

See all of the Becker County Minnesota lakefront listings today!

Lakefront in Beltrami

You will find plenty of good values for MN lake cabins on Cass Lake, Lake Bemidji, and others. Mississippi riverfront properties are also available here. This is the home of Paul Bunyan and modern day lumberjacks who cut pulpwood and make wood burning stoves out of old oil barrels.
Get your Beltrami County lake homes right here.

Buy Property in Carleton

Great opportunities abound here for building MN lake cabins, including parcels on Cross, Matilla, Sand, Upper Island, Woodbury Lake, and Bear Lake. Lakefront properties near the City of Moose Lake have easy access to I35, and a straight shot to the Twin Cities to the South, and Duluth to the North.

Carleton County MN lake homes for sale viewed here!

Carver Lakefront

This lucky county boasts Lake Waconia, the largest lake in the greater Minneapolis metro region, with the exception of Lake Minnetonka in Hennepin County. Lake Waconia homes are expensive, but there are neighborhoods that provide their residents with deeded access. If you want to dawdle about buying your MN lake home here, you will lose out to higher prices if the population continues to grow in this western suburb. MN lake cabins in Carver make great real estate investments.

Start looking at Carver County MN lake homes!

Cass County MN Lake Cabins.

In Cass County MN, walleyes and mosquitoes outnumber humans by a ratio of a billion to one. This is home to Leech Lake, a gigantic body of water that is a popular petting zoo for walleye. Your grandchildren will have fond memories of hand-feeding the nice walleyes as they come up to the side of your boat. If you prefer, you can kill those nice walleyes and eat them. Many MN lake cabins around here have screened-in fish cleaning houses. Fish cleaning is really fun, and a great character building experience for your kids. Will your kids listen to their iPods when they clean fish? There is a local ordinance against this. Leech Lake is also a good place to own lakeshore if you want a place to keep your float plane. Cass and Woman Lake are also great places to purchase MN lake homes and MN lake cabins.

View some Cass County Minnesota lakeshore real estate listings here.

Homes in Chisago County

This is one of the better places to look for Minnesota lake homes if you want to be close to the Twin Cities. Chisago Lakes Area properties are hot items, and you can find MN lake cabins here in all price ranges on Chain, Rush, North Lindstrom, or South Lindstrom.

Browse Chisago County MN lake cabins right now.

mn lakeshore on superiorCook County Shoreline

Situated on Superior’s scenic north shore, Grand Maris is one of the most picturesque communities in the state. Build or buy a home on Lake Superior or Caribou Lake. Frostbite Falls, home of Bullwinkle the Moose, is here. It was also a favorite vacation spot for my family.

Find fabulous deals on Cook County MN  lake cabins.

Recreational Property in Crow Wing

This is the “From Land of Sky Blue Waters.. comes the beer refreshing… Hamms!” that the Hamm’s Bear used to sing about on those old beer commercials. This is one of my favorite works of music and should be enshrined as the Minnesota State Song. Hamm’s Bear is already the official Minnesota state animal. This is also called the Brainerd Lakes Area, and I doubt that anyone really knows how many lake s are here. If you want to see some great foreclosure deals on MN lake cabins, ask about properties on Gull Lake, Pelican, Cross Lake, and the famous fishing waters of the Whitefish Chain of Lakes.

Crow Wing County lakeshore and lake home bargains are found right here.

Lake Property in Dakota

Hot spots for purchasing MN lake homes are found on Lake Keller, Crystal Lake, and Lake Marion in Lakeville. Lakeshore property on Lake Marion is in high demand, but the selection is usually limited.  There are also some gorgeous riverfront on the Mississippi for your consideration.

Check out Dakota County lakeshore  and MN lake cabins for sale.

Vacation Homes in Douglas

Welcome to the Alexandria Lakes Area, Central Minnesota’s vacationland. Check out MN lake cabins on Latoka, Crystal, Ida, Genova. The Alexandria local economy is thriving, especially when compared to other areas in the state. It is also home to the “Runestones” supposedly inscribed by Vikings who visited this area about 1000 years ago.  Some of the rune characters found on these stones were not even invented until many years after the Vikings allegedly visited the area. Owning MN lake cabins in Douglas County means a freezer full of walleye.

See the best Alexandria lake properties and MN lake cabins in Douglas County

Goodhue County and Lake Pepin Homes

Lake Pepin is just really a huge bulge in the Mississippi River, and the most popular area for seeking property with water front views on lakes and river bluffs. Lake City is a sure hit for you if you want a place to keep your yacht. If you just want to look at MN cabins in Goodhue, call us.

Goodhue County and Lake Pepin waterfront properties are to be found right here.


Minneapolis is the county seat, and is loaded with lakes. Lake Minnetonka to the west of the metro is one of the largest lakes in the region and you will find plenty of mansions for sale on Lake Minnetonka lakeshore estates. Lake Minnetonka is loaded with big muskies. One of them chewed off the propeller of my outboard, so I had to row back to shore.

Minneapolis lake homes and Hennepin County lakeshore real estate listings.

Find MN Lake Cabins in Hubbard

Park Rapids is a significant Minnesota vacation spot, especially for people who love to fish. Be sure to ask about MN lake cabins on Belle Taine or Lake Plantagenet.

Find some nice properties on lake Plantagenet and some of the other outstanding fisheries in the area.

Isanti County MN Lake Cabins

Check out lakeshore properties on Blue Lake or Green Lake. There are probably some other lakes here that are named after other colors. Beige would probably not be a good color to name a lake after. MN lake cabins are popular here because Isanti is just a short drive north of Minneapolis on Highway 65.

Isanti County cabins and waterfront property listings

Shop for MN Lake Cabins in Itasca

Check out Minnesota lakeshore real estate in the Grand Rapids and Deer River area, especially on Lake Pokegama. This is a bit of a drive from Minneapolis, but it is worth it.

Buy some Grand Rapids or other Itasca County cabins today.

Kanabec County and Property in the Mora MN Area

Call me for comprehensive properties on MN lake homes on Knife and Fish Lake. If you find one that you like, don’t drag your feet, because there aren’t that many available at any given time.

Buy properties next to some nice fat walleyes on Knife Lake or other spots in Mora County.

Koochiching Real Estate and Waterfront Cabins on Rainy Lake.

Koochiching,  located on the Canadian border, this is the coldest spot in the state, and is home to International Falls, which happens to be the county seat. The fish don’t mind the weather one bit. If you are looking for a rustic MN lake cabin on Rainy Lake, expect to be pleasantly surprised by the low prices. Of course, if you were expecting them, you wouldn’t exactly be surprised.

Fish from your own dock in Koochiching.

Lake County, Minnesota Real Estate

This place couldn’t be more aptly named. Buy lakeshore on Lake Superior or a cabin in Ely. Ok, so the economy isn’t so great here, but this means that your money will go far on real estate purchases. If you can’t find work here, keep in mind that many locals get along by poaching deer, “pulpwooding,” growing low grade pot in the woods, or making those questionable wood stoves out of steel oil drums. The county seat is Two Harbors.

Consider buying a nice Lake Superior lakeshore parcel on Rocky Point.

You might be able to find some Superior lots or cabins on water in Ely MN.

Thrive in Lake of the Woods County

Ok, now you really are “up north.” I wonder if the Canadians still come across the border to buy tobacco and alcohol without the high “sin” taxes found in Ontario? Hmmm. If you buy a MN lake cabin here and can’t eek out a living by fishing, perhaps you can make money by smuggling these items across the border. Smuggling Canadian Club across the border would seem ironic, wouldn’t it? During Prohibition, bootleggers used to buy properties that straddled the border so they could just roll the barrels across the floor to the other side if the G-men showed up.

Pick blueberries and commune with bears in Lake of the Woods. Call on this one. Sometimes nothing shows up in this county on the Northstar Regional MLS, but we can find them for you.

Lake Homes in LeSueur

When I told my son we had friends who live in LeSueur, he says “What?! They live in the sewer?” I am sure the locals are tired of these sorts of comments. They think that these jokes are about as funny as a two-story outhouse or a cannibal that is fed up with people! LeSueur is actually a very nice place, and is just a short drive south of Minneapolis if you drive at 95 mph. MN lake cabins can be found on Lake Sakatah and Tetonka.

Buy a place to fish in LeSueur and learn to spell French.

Meeker County

This isn’t considered vacation home country, but there are usually about three dozen or so good lakeshore listings available here. Litchfield is the county seat and is just west of the Minneapolis MN metro area on Highway 12. Litchfield is the county seat. Turnover on Meeker County MN lake cabins is low, but if you call us, we will hook you up with a team member who lives in that area.

Nothing meek about the hungry fish who live here.  Get to know them.

Mille Lacs County

Not a far drive from the Twin Cities. If you pray to the large walleye idol in Garrison, your fishing will be luckier when fishing the west side of Lake Mille Lacs.

Bring your fishing rod and an earnest check, please.

Morrison County Lakeshore

If you are driving up here to spend some time at your Morrison County MN lake cabin, watch out for cops. The Morrison County sheriff likes to issue tickets. Seriously. I got two tickets in one day.  Little Falls is the county seat. This is where you will go to court. Call to ask about Minnesota lakeshore homes on Sullivan and Fish Trap Lake.

Fish every day in Morrison.

Ottertail County MN Lake Cabins

This is the Fergus Falls area. Buy MN lake cabins  in Perham, Ottertail, or Parkers Prairie. Dont’ forget to see  cabins on Battle Lake.

This link shows just about all of them. Call if you can’t find one for yourself.

Pine County

Pine City is the place to go if you want a cabin on I35 half way between Moose Lake and Pine City. This is the perfect place for your MN lake cabin getaway.

Escape to Pine County.

Pope County Minnesota Lakeshore Homes

This county is not far from Alexandria MN and is loaded with lakes full of large and unintelligent walleye. Lake Minnewashka in Glenwood ususally has some shoreline one-level homes for sale. I couldn’t think of a better place to retire.

You hate your job.  Retire early and move to Pope Co.

Ramsey County

Saint Paul is in Ramsey County. I hear that there are some good lakes here, but I get confused when trying to navigate my way through St Paul, so I don’t know much about them. Now that I have a Garmin, I might try again. Former Governor Jesse Ventura created a small firestorm (fueled by the media, of course) when he said that St Paul streets were planned by “drunken Irishmen.” Of course, no one dared to ask the question, “Is this true?” We do know that the St. Paul Chief of Police during Prohibition was a fellow by the name of O’Connor, who was paid off by Al Capone to allow gangsters to hide out in the city. Some conspiracy theorists believe that the street layout was designed to help gangsters to elude federal agents.

Buy a dock with some land attached to it.

Scott County MN Lakefront Homes

This southwestern Minneapolis suburb has plenty of great fishing lakes, including Fish Lake, Cedar Lake, O’Dowd, Prior Lake, and more. Owners of MN lake homes in Scott County enjoy good fishing for black crappie and smallmouth bass. It might be a good idea from an investment standpoint to purchase Scott County lakeshore real estate. Scott County is one of the fastest growing counties in Minnesota.

Get a life and live on waterfront year round.

Sherburne County MN

Find MN lake cabins on Big Lake, Clear Lake, and Elk River. Part of St. Cloud falls into this county. For easy access to your MN lake cabin, just drive west on 94 or 10.

Get your Sherburne County dream property right here.

pumpkinseed sunfish from minnesota lake

St. Louis County

Check out MN lake cabins in the Duluth area. Ask about buying an island property in Lake Vermillion.

Duluth area properties are rather cheap these days.

Stearns County Lake Shore

St. Cloud is the county seat. Buy Minnesota lake homes on Upper Spunk or Lower Spunk lakes. I know this is supposed to be a family-friendly website, but those are actual names.

Find the bargains at this link.

Wabasha Lakeshore and Riverfront Views

Ditto for Lake County. Buy a nice luxury condo on Lake Pepin. the state. The Lake City MN real estate market is characterized by luxury condos overlooking Lake Pepin. Washington County. If you want to live on a big lake that is close to the metro, MN lake cabins on White Bear Lake are just for you.

Cheaper than you think….

Wright County MN Lake Cabins

Wright County. MN lakeshore is available in Buffalo, just west of Minneapolis on Highway 55. Lake Pulaski is also a good place to look for waterfront. The lakes on the other side of the county near Cokato smell very very very bad.

Find the best ones for sale.

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