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kitchen as seen in MN townhomesThe American dream…. A nice big colonial in the ‘burbs with a white picket fence and two pink plastic flamingos in the middle of a big green front lawn!

Dreams don’t last. We are waking up to the reality of need and demand for MN townhomes.

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Do you follow demographic trends in the marketplace? Do you try to make predictions about the future based on current demographic measurements? Builders do. City planners do. Real estate agents do. Unless you have been living up high in the mountains in a cave and growing a long beard, you can’t help but notice that MN townhomes are now an important part of the local real estate pie. When you come down from that mountain and breathe thicker air, take note of all of the MN townhomes that are being built and sold. Then take a piece of that real estate pie and bite into it! “Why?” you ask. “Won’t I get pie on my beard?”

Townhomes recently listed on the MLS…

Who Will Buy MN Townhomes?

You will buy MN townhomes. Your eyes are getting dimmer, your brain is no longer firing on all eight cylinders. Your knees hurt, don’t they! You aren’t a “spring chicken” any more, you know. Getting old aint’ for sissies, but you can do something about it. You can purchase MN townhomes and make your golden and platinum years a whole lot easier.

If you look at a demographers graph that shows time on the horizontal axis, and vertical bars that represent population ages, you will see that there is a big hump in it. Demographers call this a “pig in the python,” but you and I know this as “baby boomers.” Watch this chart via time lapse and you will see that this hump is moving toward the right side of the page. By the way, In layman’s terms, this phenomenon is called “lots of old people getting older and not that many young people following behind!”

By the way, the only way you can get out of the python is by dying! But I digress…

As long as all of you are stuck in this python for awhile, you might as well get comfy by purchasing MN townhomes. You will enjoy the carefree lifestyle that you used to enjoy a long time ago when you were renting an apartment. One big difference – you get a big fat tax deduction on the mortgage payment and you are no longer flushing money down the toilet like you were doing when you were renting.

The most common type of Minnesota houses in the future will be designed for single individuals who will live all by themselves. Sad, but true. This means that MN townhomes will be hot items Why would all of those single people want a big single family house when they don’t have a family to put in the house? Will they want to shovel snow and risk breaking another hip? Will they want to crawl around on their hands and knees digging up dandelions? Will they want to climb up onto the roof to fix the chimney?” If you have ever watched Laurel and Hardy go up on the roof to repair a radio antennae, you know just how disastrous that can be. Now imagine Laurel and Hardy climbing the roof while they are in their 70’s or 80’s, and it just doesn’t seem so funny anymore. Small wonder that so many aging slapstick comedians own MN townhomes!

It’s Hip to Own MN Townhomes!

Your real estate nanny, also known as your homeowner’s association will take care of those kinds of things for you. They will shovel, mow, weed, and fix shingles. They will even yell at your neighbors about their dog poop problem. MN townhomes are truly a panacea for the housing needs of older folks. So check out some MN townhomes, buy one, sell your snow shovel and your lawnmower, and then put your feet up and enjoy a nice cold Metamucil.