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seaplane on lake minnetonka, moundLake Minnetonka homes…. If Lake Minnetonka homes in Mound are good enough for Minnesota walleye, that divine fish that we worship, tell egregious lies about, and eat with fresh sweet corn on the cob, than the homes are good enough for me.

If you live along Lake Minnetonka, especially in Mound, MN, you know that this lake shore is full of surprises; you will find extravagant lakeshore estates with heated five car garages, indoor pools, indoor sport courts sitting next to tar-paper shacks, AKA ‘teardowns.” In other words, you never know who your neighbors might be! Well, I think everyone is to fixated on who there neighbors are to the left or the right… who cares? You can’t eat them for dinner, anyway. What about your neighbors in the lake, Mr. and Mrs. Walleye? Ok, so their home is just a pile of underwater rocks, but it certainly isn’t anything that is going to lower your property value, but they might come to your door and ask to borrow a cup of leeches. Buy one of these Lake Minnetonka homes in Mound, and you will just have to live with this. If you are nice to them, they might bring you some freshly-baked black leech pie.

Foreclosed Lake Minnetonka Homes in Mound, MN

Yes, they are here, and they are available at incredible prices. But don’t worry about your underwater neighbors the walleye family. They have been making their payments on their pile of underwater rocks on time. However, you might be envious… your walleye neighbors own about 200 miles of shoreline on Lake Minnetonka, and you will probably only own about 100 or 200 feet.


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