Potential Orono MN Short Sales Listings

Here are all Orono MInnesota short sales listings according to Northstar IDX/MLS (as available:)

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Check out these prices! Pinch yourself… you might be dreaming! Now before you get too excited, not all of these Orono MN short sales listings are really available at the price indicated because the bank has not necessarily pre-approved these short sales. In other words, the house might be listed for less than what is actually owed on the mortgage, but may not have agreed to eat the difference. That is why we are calling these listings “potential” Orono MN short sales listings. Call us to find out more about which ones are pre-approved short sales. In any case, many of these prices are tens or sometimes even hundreds of thousands less than what the current home owner payed for these homes just a few years earlier. Not all of these listings are the result of a flagging economy; many have become available because of divorce, relocation, or the product of unwise mortgage programs such as low interest ARMS (adjustable rate mortgages.) Generally speaking, the bank will not approve a short sale unless the seller is in default on payments, but this is not always the case.

Experience with Orono MN Sales

living room in real estate listingShort sales transactions are not the same as traditional ones. Contact us for expert advice and help with negotiations. We know the process, the market trends, and even some of the lenders that are involved. A short sales transaction can be time consuming and require patience, but are great opportunities to own property in this Minnesota luxury community on Lake Minnetonka.



*Photography courtesy of Redmond real estate.