Scott County MN Lake Homes and Lakeshore Real Estate

Scott County MN is one of the fastest growing counties in the state. Therefore, it might be safe to assume that this is a great place to invest in MN lakeshore, don’t you think? Fishermen always like to fish where the fish are, so if you are selling your home, wouldn’t it be nice to own a lake home where the people are?

Consider this equation:

more people=more buyers

Top Scott County MN lakeshore listings…

Browse ALL Scott County lake homes and lakeshore listings for sale. Save this link so you can check back frequently for new lakeshore listings on such notable lakes as Prior Lake, O’Dowd, Cedar Lake, Fish Lake, and Spring Lake.

Also, Scott County lake homes and lake shore are in limited supply, and are especially hot market items because they are so close to the metro area, and offer year round lakeshore living without a lengthy commute to work in the metro area. Scott County is just south of Minneapolis, and the Bloomington Ferry Bridge has made Scott County real estate more accessible than ever. The following equation is a corollary to the previous one:

limited MN lakeshore supply=higher MN lake home prices

Scott County Lake Homes Inventory

Right now, (1-10-11) there are 41 Scott County MN lake homes for sale on the Northstar MLS system. Prices are good (average list price is $637,505, which is not bad for a metro area,) and rates are outstanding. Great bargains are available on Spring Lake (a great largemouth bass lake,) Cedar Lake (a legendary muskie lake,) Fish Lake (great for black crappie,) and Prior Lake (excellent for all types of game fish.) Occasionally, a listing will pop up on O’Dowd, known for large-sized walleyes.