St Cloud Townhomes for Sale

Is the Saint Cloud Minnesota townhome? Ask your Realtor.

You be stylin in your new, cheap upscale townhome!

With the great migration westward from Minneapolis along Interstate 94, any Minnesota real estate agent could tell you that Saint Cloud townhomes would make a great long term investment. A demographer could also tell you that Saint Cloud townhomes will experience increased demand, thanks to Minnesota’s aging population, more single people, and people who just want to take off to go to Florida in the winter to golf and play bridge.

St Cloud is already the third largest city in Minnesota, and it is growing fast. The only other metropolitan regions that are larger are Duluth and the Twin Cities area.

Browse some St Cloud townhomes that were recently posted on the MN MLS/IDX system. These properties were posted within the last thirty days on the regional multiple listing service:

View ALL St Cloud MN townhomes. This link includes side-by-side townhomes, detached units, quads, manor style, and apartment style condos. For more detailed information on the St Cloud townhome market or other properties in St Cloud, please contact us.

St Cloud MN has always attracted corporate individuals who are willing to prostrate themselves upon the altar of commercialism by sacrificing family stability for moving around to work their way up the corporate ladder, which no longer extends upward, but seems to span across the Pacific Ocean to the Philippines, India, and China. Many of these US transients will buy St Cloud townhomes, town houses and condos so they can enjoy a carefree lifestyle. When the jobs become outsourced to the far corners of the earth, they will generally have less to sell. In the meantime, they can lounge around by the pool after work instead of mowing the lawn or (shudder!) use the weed wacker. If they are particular about their townhome purchases they can even get one that is strategically located alongside a golf course. Best of all, the St Cloud location offers easy access to the Twin Cities, making it a commutable distance. Most of the Saint Cloud townhomes have low association fees and were built within the last ten years.

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