Townhomes in Inver Grove Heights

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Well, so far we have not run into anyone who has regretted buying a townhome in Inver Grove Heights, and I, for one, have been selling Twin Cities real estate townhomes for twenty years. I will tell you, however, that at today’s prices and low rates, if you can’t make a decision about buying our own property vs continuing to pay for your landlord’s real estate investments (aka “rent”) you might be sorely remorseful about missing out on great market conditions for buy Inver Grove Heights townhomes.

In almost all cases, the net cost of owning an Inver Grove Heights MN townhome is far less than what you will squander on rent, especially when you tally the mortgage interest deduction and long-term appreciation vs the inevitable annual rent increases and the aggravation of your downstairs neighbor pounding on the ceiling because he does not appreciate your AC/DC discs. Besides, townhomes are far more soundproof than apartments. Just think: If you buy a detached Inver Grove Heights townhome, you won’t have any neighbors attached to you at all. It’s just as good as owning a single family home, but without the outside maintenance.