Victoria MN Homes on Deer Run

If you think that you know what living the good life really means, and you haven’t checked out Minnesota homes on golf courses, then you really don’t. If you think the good life is for everyone, it isn’t; there just aren’t that many golf course homes available at any given time in the southwest metro suburbs. There simply aren’t enough to go around. Victoria MN is a case in point. At the time of this post (2/18/11) the Northstar Regional MLS indicated that there were only FIVE Victoria MN homes on Deer Run Golf Course. Surprisingly, they are affordable for most people; the average asking price is $438,674.

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Time to Buy Victoria MN Homes on Deer Run

Market conditions are favoring buyers right now, so if rates start to creep up and these fabulously low prices hold out, you will see a lot of people who have been hemming and hawing about whether to buy one of these fine golf course homes become very decisive, and you just might find yourself in the midst of a buyer feeding frenzy for these types of properties. Astute buyers know that a bell will NOT ring when prices reach bottom, and that this is the opportunity of a lifetime to own a Victoria MN home on Deer Run golf course. Some of these are foreclosures and some are not, but they are all priced to sell. Historically, Minnesota golf course homes have proven to be excellent long-term investment vehicles. That stupid white Cadillac Escalade of yours is an example of a poor long-term investment.

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