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closet typical of Wayzata Minnesota homes for saleWayzata, Minnesota homes for sale are attracting newcomers to the area for the same reason that it has long been a mecca for tourists and people who love water sports, namely, Lake Minnetonka! Lake Minnetonka is a composite kettle lake with over 200 acres of prime Minnesota lakeshore,and you could hardly go wrong purchasing any of it.

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But why are Wayzata, Minnesota homes for sale particularly in demand. Why this particular northern stretch of Lake Minnetonka lakeshore?

One big reason is the location. Drive east on MN HWY 12 for a few minutes and you are in downtown Minneapolis.

Another reason is the coveted Wayzata school district. If you are looking at Minnesota homes for sale anywhere in this region, you already know that Wayzata schools have a widespread reputation for academic excellence.In fact, we get more requests for Wayzata schools than for most other school districts. The reputation of the school district alone helps to keep up the demand for Wayzata Minnesota homes for sale. Even if you don’t have school-aged children, the quality of the local schools is a huge re-sale factor to consider.

Wayzata has been referred to as the “Jewel of Lake Minnetonka,” although we don’t know who referred to it this way, nor do we know who what kind of jewel it is being compared to, i.e. diamond, ruby, emerald, etc. If you were guessing “diamond,” you probably would have hit the nail on the head. Look over Lake Minnetonka from the Wayzata shoreline, and you will see a huge, clear sparkling object…. that would be Wayzata Bay of Lake Minnetonka. Perhaps the upscale boutique shopping, the fine dining venues, and the wide open parks and gardens helped this city to earn the moniker of “jewel.” It certainly is a one-of-a-kind Minnesota lakeshore community.

Selection of Wayzata Minnesota Homes for Sale

The Wayzata MN MLS inventory of homes are mostly upscale in price, but the Lake Minnetonka lake homes prices a reasonable considering the quality of the lake. Most of the market is comprised of single family homes and some new construction, but there are generally a dozen or so Wayzata MN townhomes for sale at any given time.

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